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Ear-loop Face Mask
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Nail Art Stampling
Nail Brush & Holder
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Brow Applicator
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JINGJIANG SINCERE BEAUTY ACCESSORIES FACTORY since 1997 is a manufacturer of makeup supplies located in JingJiang city, Jiangsu Province which is near by the largest Chinese port Shanghai port and the biggist wholesale market of commodity in the world, Yiwu International Trade City (Mart). YIWU SENSE BEAUTY CO., LTD. is our sales company registered in Yiwu city for sales and marketing of makeup accessories not only from our factory, but also from other factories and wholesalers. Both of them are well organized by SINCERE GROUP LTD. in finance and management to save cost and win efficiency and competitiveness in beauty indsutry.


We specialize in design, manufacturing  & sale of assorted beauty supplies such as makeup applicators, cosmetic brushes; cotton, non-woven and plastic disposables; masking, waxing & tanning products, eyelash & brow care products, manicure & pedicure tools, bath supplies, hair salon supplies, cosmetic package and makeup kits, etc. 


We focus on demand of global cosmetic factories, makeup wholesalers and users as salon, spa, wellness center, beautician, chain store and beauty school, etc. We provide solutions not only for customers needs of high quality products at competitive prices, but also for their desire for top quality service as OEM, ODM, Scouring, QC & Shipping as well.


Our Products :

-Disposable Makeup Applicators & Brushes including mascara wands made of nylon and silicone bristle; flocked doe foot lip gloss wands with solid handle or hollow stick; single and dual ends eyeshadow applicators made of latex and latex-free sponge; fiber eyeliner wands & eyeliner brushes made of nylon or pony hair; lipbrushes and lipliner brushes with nylon or pony hair; spatulas and makeup palettes made of PS, PP or stainless steel, etc.


-Professional Brush & Brush Sets: Single brush as lip brush, mascara brush, kabuki brush, fan brush, foundation brush, powder brush, retractable brush & dispensing brush, etc. Brush set as economic brush set, deluxe brush set & eco-friendly brush sets.


-Cotton Disposables like cotton pads in round or square shapes, cotton balls in different weights cotton swabs with wooden, plastic and paper handle, disposable cotton kits includes all cotton products for beauty or medical demand, and high quality cotton dispensers made of PS or acryl.


-Puff and Sponge including latex sponge NR or SBR, latex-free sponge made of PU, PVA sponge, wooden pulp cellulous sponge, flocked puff, etc. 


-Salon & Spa Disposables: Disposable garments including panties, women briefs, men pants, sauna clothes, beauty skirts, apron & cape; headband, caps & hair net; beauty salon couch cover, face rest cover & pillow case; ear-loop face mask, facial, handle towel & tissue, etc.


-Masking & Whitening: Mask brush, mask spatula & mask sheet for treatment of face, neck-face, nose, eyes, lips, breasts etc;


-Depilatory & Waxing: Paraffin brush, waxing spatula, nonwoen & depilating strips, rolls.


-Sunless Tanning: Spray tanning tent, machine & disposables as stick sandals, G-string panties, bra, etc.


-Manicure & Pedicure: Tools including nail file, buffer & brush; foot file, brush & stone;  toe separator, pedicure slippers; cuticle pusher, scissor &  nipper; nail art supplies, disposable and deluxe manicure & pedicure kits, etc.


-Hair Salon Supplies: Hair brush & comb; hair dye brush,  bowl; hair clip, pin & clamp; hair perm roller and rod; applicator bottle and sprayer, etc.


-Cosmetic Package: Cosmetic containers as lipgloss & mascara tube, eyeshadow case; jar, bottle & sprayer; funel, pilet & measuring cup; perfume bottle & fragrance tester; label, bag & beauty case; organizers & dispay, etc.

-TSA Travel Bottle Kit: Wthen TSA(Travel Security Administration) wants us to follow the 3-1-1 for Carry-on rules, which means ALL liquids are to be; 3 ounces or less in a clear bottle, consolidate in 1 quart sized, clear zip-top plastic bag, and only 1 bag per passenger will be allowed in the security screening bin, we developed the attached Airplane Carryon Travel Bottle Kit helps us to solve this problem and bring customers a comfortable trip.


Our Service:


-OEM & ODM: We have production lines for makeup applicators, brushes, spatulas, sponges, beauty kits, etc. Have machine and production line for plastic injection, aluminum ferrule cutting & galvanization, sponge forming, mascara brush forming, automatic packing & printing, etc.


-Sales & Marketing: Not only sell products made by ourselves, but also related products from good manufacturing partners. We are trying our best to collect as complete as possible of the related products to our major. It saves customers not only time for sourcing of relative products, but also save expense on importing and shipping.  


-Sourcing & QC: It's our pleasure to help customers to source products from local suppliers, especially from the Yiwu International Trade City market, and do the quality control during manufacturing and pre-shipment.


-Brand & Promotion: We do not only supply quality products at competitive prices, but also the giveaway at lowest price for promotional use. Brand not only on the products, but also on the facilities & consumables they use to enhance the impression of their trademark to customers.


-Shipping: Ship goods by air or sea from Ningbo or Shanghai to Oceania, Europe & North America, etc. We have warehouse in Yiwu to load the container for products from different supplies. It will save customers lots of money for shipping.


Cost & Quality Control:


-Cost Control: We have many assembly workshops spreaded around countrysides to hire the farmers to work at free time. We do the machine job at factory, send out the components for assembly, collect the finished products after quality check, and finally pack products at our workshop. It is the only way to save cost without tricking in material and quality !


-Quality Control: We totally separate the management for production and sale. All sales are managed under SINCERE GROUP LTD. which is trying to think and act like a buyer, comparing prices and quality with competitors, supervising the production and checking quality before shipment, etc. So there are double check of quality before shipment, one is by factory, another one is by a "third party".


Credit Assurance & Sales Network:


We have established nice relationships with distributors in HongKong, Singapore, South Korea, Israel, Turkey, AustraliaNewzealand ,USA, Canada, Russia, Ireland, UK,  Germany, France, Poland, and  the Netherland, etc. Welcome you to join us for mutual benefits. If you are fresh to this field, we can offer ample free samples for your start of this business; if you are experienced, do not hesitate to have a contrast on our products quality, service and prices, pls.


If you just a little nervous when start a cooperation, you can try to buy from our local customers 1stly. Left your email and phone #, we will ask them to contact you after their permission. (We can not just simply offer their contact information to you because they may have different privacy & preference in business.)


Our Mission:


Our mission is to be one of the idealest global source of beauty supplies to cosemtic manufacturer, beauty salon, spa, wellness center, beautician, chain store and beauty school, etc. Offer them the best quality at the most competitive prices and save them not only money but also time and enery for sourcing, QC & shipping.


Whoever you are, wherever you are, to cooperate with us, you can simply import from China the best makeup accessories at the most competitive price.


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